After graduating from college, I had these stories on multiple hard drives and computers. Somehow, I can’t seem to find a copy of all of them.


  • Drindél the Winged One – (Read it on Amazon)
    A thief and a Mercenary backstab a corrupt employer and in the process run into a fairy who creates a new race. Ok…that sounds weird…read it anyway
  • Crystals (Lost this short story.)
    Kids and crystals of power…good vs. evil…
  • Not My Face (Lost this short story)
    Ever woken up and not know where you are…try this

Science Fiction

  • Future 7, Inc.
    What if you could see a day or two into the future? What if a corporation wanted to capture you and use you to give them a competitive advantage.
  • Moon Boy (Lost this short story)
    Probably not what you expect.
  • March Madness (Lost this short story)
    Genius or freak…who cares he plays basketball

Other Fiction

  • Mud In the Gutter (Short story. It is published right here. Read it now.)
    See a bum get off the street thanks to a scout and a doubtful father.
  • Caribbean Horizon (descriptive scene)
    The title says it all.