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“I just finished your book. Thanks for keeping me up all night . . . You have an amazing gift.” —Ashleigh (sent at 4:33 AM)

“I was really disappointed that I wasn’t able to continue the story when the book ended.  If you had the sequel ready I would have purchased it right then and there.” —Robert

“I really liked the first part, with Jake and Justine. That was the best. You need more of that.” —Janet

“Great job on this book. It is very creative and develops well, leaving just enough resolution and unresolved plot to keep the reader intrigued and ready for the next one.” —Paul

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Blog Reviews

VT Freebie Girl gave it 5 stars. Here are a few of her comments:

“Super slow to start . . .”
“It is honestly one of the better books I’ve read in a while.”
“I would HIGHLY recommend this book, I mean I’m planning on giving this 5 stars on Amazon . . .”

House Wife Eclectic also provided a review. Here are some highlights.

“Fire Light was honestly a pretty slow starter for me.”
“I really liked the main character, Jake.”
“I was a little disappointed that there was a love triangle . . . I did think the author brought a unique twist . . .”
“Overall Fire Light was a pretty fun read . . .”
“The constant use of the word Jeek . . . got old pretty quick.”

Our Wolve’s Den also provided a review. Here are some highlights.

“My oldest son, about the same age as Jake was able to relate to the book immediately and finished it in two days . . .”
“I have never had to fight one of my children to read a book before . . .”
“I can easily see this being a favorite among all young adults”

Penny Minding Mom had mostly good things to say.

“I loved this story from beginning to end.”
“The story is hard to put down.”
“I found myself sharing in Jake’s joy, confusion and frustrations.”
“I can’t wait to read the next in the series”

Misadventures of a First Time Mom liked it but thought the word “jeek” was annoying.

“The story was a little slow up first, but it picked up pretty quick.”
“I first thought that the love triangle was going to be a rehash of Twilight. But I was very happy to be wrong. He added a very unique twist.”
“I really loved all the pop culture references to books, tv & movies mentioned throughout the book.”
“The term ‘jeek’ was a bit overused after a while”

Whole lotta momma loved it.

“Everything went from slow and boring to excessively fast and furious! Meaning I LOVED this book! The book had adventure, fighting and love. This is the perfect recipe for any great fantasy book.”

Books and Chat gave it four stars.

“This book is going to be (or at least should be) a hit for adolescent boys and young adult males. It shouldn’t be a dud for the females of the crowd too.”
“For an independently published book, the formatting and lack of grammar issues made this a pleasure to read.”