A Prince, a Princess, and a Dragon

So I have been telling my A Prince, A Princess, and a Dragon stories since about ’07. I started telling them to my niece Ellie, and then started telling my son Aiden.

These are five- to ten-minute stories, meant to be bedtime stories for kids. They are filled with cliches, because to kids, everything is new and not cliche. Though I hope there is plenty that is new and fun and unique. Along with the Prince, the Princess, and the Dragon, these stories may include, as side characters, Kings and Queens, knights, maidservants or ladies in waiting. The Prince and Princess may be human or elves or other such human-like faeries.

I’ve been meaning to start writing them down. So here is a start. I may publish these into small sets with one story from each genre per set.


Garon, Alaina, and the dragon Arkhas


The Tragedy of King Lockman (forthcoming)


Forthcoming . . . 


Forthcoming . . . 


Forthcoming . . .