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A Poem from the Trinity of Mind Series.

In broken pain, she kneels amidst gas flames.
Versus fire, her leather body armor fails.
It burns, it chars, it peels, as ash, it falls,
sliced and stripped by colorful, cutting blades.
Alone she kneels in skin as bare as birth,
Baptized by fire intended to stop her breath.
A glow of courage protects, prevents her death.
She grins to mock her torturers with mirth.
Her soot-lined sweat betrays her failing power.
A naked knowledge reveals her time is short,
But external bonds protect with their retort.
Four forever friends arrive in her last hour,
To die for her if needed, yes, they dare!
Rescued by thralls she bonded with her care.
A sonnet by Bear for the Dhampir Princess
(J. Abram Barenck, Jan 29, 2023)
Spoiler Alert: Bear gives this poem to Alexis in Trinity of Mind book 4.