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Below is the e-book cover for Book 3 in the Trinity of Mind series, Torched Heart which I hope will release in February. This cover matches the series theme with the same magic missile, but a different color, in front of a cityscape. Yes, the cityscape is from Las Vegas. So spoiler alert, Jake, Kendra, and Alexis will go to Las Vegas.

Also, I will be calling for proofreaders soon, so if you are interested, comment.

I love this cover.

For those wondering, I created this cover using Paint.net, a free paint program on windows with features similar to basic photoshop. I added layers for the Title, Author name, Series, cityscape, magic missile, and a semi-transparent darkening layer. The magic missile is transparent, and there is a customer gradient circle background behind it. The Font is open source, Cinzel Decorative Bold (with some customizations). I purchased the Las Vegas cityscape and Magic Missile images from Shutterstock. The temple spire is added and wouldn’t be in that spot in real life.