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Hello fans,

Many of you have asked for the paperback of Breaking Glass. I worked hard to deliver it earlier than expected. The paperback has gone live today, so as you sequester yourselves from COVID-19 and practice social distancing, you can do it with a fun book. Just click on the image or this link: https://amzn.to/3d5yAmX.

Writing Update

My first draft for book 3 is now at 50%. You can see my progress on my website: https://jabrambarneck.com on the right side bar.

Amazon Reviews Needed

While many fans have taken time to read and enjoy Breaking Glass, we are still awaiting our first review on Amazon. The best way to help an author is to leave a positive review on Amazon discussing what you enjoyed most.
I also need more reviews for book 1 as well. The first twenty people who sign up to do a review get a free ebook copy:

Book 1 – https://booksprout.co/arc/31224/fire-light
Book 2 – https://booksprout.co/arc/31226/breaking-glass