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Book 2 is finally out!!!

At least on ebook. If you are waiting for a physical book, stay tuned.


Two voodoo witches, caplatas, now hunt for the druids—specifically Jacob Stevens. The Trinity of Mind, a permanent mental connection between Jake, Kendra, and Alexis, could become their downfall. Jake constantly sees his now hideous self through the girls’ eyes. With the help of Eldra, an aged druidess mentor, Alexis has found a way to hide her dangerous thoughts, despite Jake’s mental prying. The Skull Shadows, a dangerous secret society, attack Jake through his sister, O’Brien, and others he must protect. The caplatas kidnap Kendra and trap a portion of her spirit in a jar. Jake and Alexis, aided by Luiz and Eldra, must stop the caplata’s death curse, rescue Kendra, and free her spirit. At the same time, a being older than our world helps Jake learn what it means to be a protector, giving him a task that could cost him and his friends their lives. Will they all survive?