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For those who are wondering, I am still writing on book 2. I just reached the 50% point of my first draft to Book 2, which is a big deal.

I thought I would jump in and drop and excerpt from what is currently the first chapter of Book 2.

“Positions.” Lexy ordered.

I stepped just behind and to the left of Lexy. Kendra stepped in front and to the right of her. Lexy shifted her stance and posture, making herself appear more regal. Alexis knew exactly how to own her new Princess title. I don’t think either Kendra or I portrayed royalty with our stances like she did. Still, we positioned ourselves as best we could. As Princess Alexis’s generals, it was our job to guard and protect her. Kendra stood to her front and I stood just at her rear—which by the way gave me the better view. Yes, Lexy wore her usual tight leather pants. Kendra had dressed similarly tonight—despite her modesty protests—and her backside had my attention, too. Lexy also wore her low-cut bustier, the one that tied in front with strings. I could see her ribbon-bow tattoo in the space between her pants and her top. Kendra had borrowed Lexy’s full leather shirt, the one with a high neck and long sleeves. Being a few inches shorter than Lexy and drill-team thin, Kendra’s borrowed leather pants and shirt weren’t tight.

They both disabled their separation stones and joined my thoughts. Oops. They caught me looking.

Seriously? Kendra didn’t turn back and glare at me because she didn’t have to. Her mind scolded me with both her thoughts and feelings. That didn’t make much sense to me because just over a week ago, she wore a white, string bikini just for me and had every intention of me noticing. I didn’t get how she didn’t want me to notice her now when she was dressed with far less immodesty.

Things are different now! Kendra answered my thought.

I also caught a hint of guilt as she thought of wearing a bikini for me that day.

You tempted me to where it!

Great, now she blamed me for tempting her into breaking her usually modesty standards.

I didn’t ask you to wear it, I reminded her.

Focus! Princess Alexis ordered, but she could see my memory of Kendra in her white bikini juxtaposed against her own memory of Kendra demanding to wear a modest leather outfit and a single thought formed: Hypocrite.