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Byu vs Utah - Hate leads to suffering

Rivalries are awesome! Hate is not. Let’s respect our opponents. Talking up your opponent only makes the winning team look better. Tearing down an opponent only makes the win look less impressive.

Which scenario do want to play out?

Scenario 1

This teams sucks. We’re going to destroy them.
After the win: “Hey, why didn’t our ranking increase, we beat this team.”
Answer: “Well, you said that team sucks, so why would beating them increase your ranking?”

Scenario 2

This team we are playing is amazing. They do some great things. It will take a great team to beat them.
After the win: “Hey, check out our higher ranking. I didn’t know we get bumped this high.”
Answer: “Well, you started a media frenzy saying it would take a great team to win, and you were that great team. You won.”