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Jake StevensHappy Birthday to my main character, Jacob Stevens. To celebrate I’ll share his current character profile.

See Jacob Stevens Facebook page.

Nickname: Jake
Birthday: September 3

I would love comments from you. For example, if you would like share the flaws or redeeming qualities you detected in Jacob, please comment.

Jacob Stevens Profile

Physical Description

Hair color: Dark brown hair.
Skin color: Caucasian but very tan.
Eye color: Dark brown
Weight: 200 lbs
Height: 6’1″
Other: Athletic, football, weight-lifting, etc.
Blood type: Bombay blood group
Facial hair: Shaves, but if he didn’t, he’d have “some good scruff for a seventeen-year-old”


Mother: Annie Stevens Braen
Sister: Justine Bennett (Sis)
Girlfriend: Kendra Duncan, Alexis Kaloyan
Friends: The Jeeks: Luiz, Kevin, Ethan.
Step Father: John Braen


Calls kids at school who pretend to like him because he is good at sports piss-ants.
Zones out sometimes.  “It is true that I often get lost in my thoughts. OK, I can totally zone out sometimes. This wasn’t a new thing. I have done it for years.”
Possibly turning into a stuck-up jock, when he used to be a picked-on geek.

Redeeming qualities

Defends the weak from bullies.
Hard worker and driven.
Loves his sister and protects her.
Falls for Kendra.
Falls for Alexis.
Not violent if he can help it.


He is a rape baby. Nobody knows but his family.
He wants to be normal but knows he is not.
Step dad is a major creep and he worries for his sister.

Physical Reactions

I took a deep breath.
I shot at her, my voice dripping with sarcasm.

Descriptions from the book

He had brown hair like mine and the same thin and frail-looking body I had had until just before my freshman year. I wasn’t frail anymore. (Chapter 1)
I sat up and brushed my sweaty brown hair out of my eyes. (Chapter 2)
Luiz was about five-ten, three inches shorter than me. (Chapter 2)
“Hey, you want to play Xbox at my house?” I asked as I stripped off my sweaty tank top, exposing my tan, muscular chest.  (Chapter 2)
They didn’t care about my face. They just liked how the muscles on my chest and abs looked. (Chapter 20)
Sure, I’m a jeek, and I have a freaking awesome memory that borders on photographic, but I still had to look up that information. (Chapter 26)
Yeah, I could be a real jerk sometimes. (Chapter 27)
His dark brown eyes looked so familiar—almost like mine. (Chapter 28)


Oops and Double oops.


Rape baby.
Never gets chicken pox even though his mom tried to expose him.
Bombay blood group.
Heals extra fast and never gets sore after weightlifting or other workouts.
Only sleeps four hours a day and never yawns.
Has strange sensation of being watched.
When near evil: The evil sensation crawled under my skin like larvae
Has never thrown up.
Finds out he is a member of the druids.

Emotions and physical display


My mouth fell open and my muscles tensed.
leaving my mouth open wide.
My mouth dropped open and I tensed the muscles in my jaw.
My mouth open despite a tense jaw.


Muscles tense
Tighten’s grip.

I squeezed the handle of the paint roller until my knuckles went white.
Grips steering wheel or cellphone
I sucked in a quick breath and then stopped breathing.


Stomache growls


Chills ran down the back of my spine
My body quivered and my legs gave out.


My stomach turned like I was about to throw up, but it didn’t happen. This was the closest I’d ever come to throwing up since…I couldn’t remember ever throwing up.
It was either eat more and count bites or throw up for the first time in my life.
Nausea swirled inside, but I didn’t throw up.
My stomach twisted. If I hadn’t gone without food since dinner the night before, my body might have actually succeeded in throwing up for the first time in my life.


My heart was beating rapidly and my blood was flowing


I fidgeted with my pockets as I waited
I stood their fidgeting with my pockets until the bishop began the prayer


Heart beat faster


I tilted my head at her and blinked.
I tilted my head at him.


I lowered my eyebrows, scowling at for her


My shoulders sank in disappointment.