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Utah will have Wilson back behind center. But against the Idaho State, an FCS team that has lost 44 of their last road games, Utah could probably play without a quarterback at all, with only 10 offensive players, and win with just running backs taking the snaps.

This game is going to be a snoozer. It might even be boring for Ute fans. The only question marks are these:

  1. Will be whether Wilson can remain healthy?
  2. Will the Utes keep their sellout streak alive?

To answer the first, question, yes. Wilson will remain healthy through this game at least, as he likely won’t be touched by the struggling Bengal defense. Wilson should play the first half, scour a couple touchdowns a quarter, and leave the game in the 3rd quarter, healthy. However, how many games will he last? Fresno will hit him next week. Has Utah had a single quarterback remain healthy all season since 2008?

Wilson really hasn’t performed at a high enough level even when healthy. His interceptions, 16, matched his touchdowns, 16. Not a good sign. He has as much risk of getting benched as getting injured.

To answer the second question, the Ute website has the following posted: “Some bleacher seats and standing room tickets remain.” Unless this changes, their sellout streak is at risk.

Does the game offer anything to make it worth watching? Perhaps the Utes defense can keep the Idaho State Bengals scoreless and give the fans something to cheer for. Or perhaps they Ute fans can cheer for the chance to get 50 points.

The Idaho State fans (what few there are) can cheer for the paycheck playing a PAC12 opponent brings.

Against the Bengals, Utah won’t be tested. Utah won’t have to open up their playbook. The Utes can win with a standard offensive package. If you’ve ever played Madden and won despite running the same play every down, this game could be a real life equivalent of that. Neither Fresno, nor the PAC12 will gain any more insight into the Utes by watching this game than they would by watching the Ute’s fall camp inter-team game.

My pick: Utes 56 – 7 Idaho State