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The BYU defense has been solid the past few years. If the BYU defense is as stingy as expected, UConn will struggle to get to 17 points.

But the cougar offense has had a tendency to struggle early on in the season, especially in the Blue Zone. If Taysom Hill can lead the offense to a mistake free game, and avoid settling for the kicking game, BYU should win by two touchdowns (or maybe five).

If Taysom can’t keep the Cougar offense from struggling (and the new UConn defensive coach may help cause this), UConn’s offense will have more time to click. They will find a way to get an extra 6 against BYU’s D. That extra touch down might give the Huskies a chance to match Virginia’s unexpected upset of BYU in last year’s opener.

If Husky defense struggles as they did last year, a defense that has to replace 5 players from the front line, then BYU should put up 49 points. Even if the cougar offense also struggles and puts up only half that, 24, that should be enough to outscore the Huskies.

Expect it to be entertaining mostly to the vast number of BYU fans nationwide. It should be mildly entertaining for everyone else.

My pick: BYU 38 – 13 Huskies