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So I wanted to get some low cost bookmarks from VistaPrint but I couldn’t find any bookmarks. I checked another site and it was over $100 for 1000 two-sided bookmarks. I feel like it should be about half that.

It seems Vista Print should be able to do this cheaper but they don’t have a Bookmark option.

Well, I found a way to get way more for my money. Rack Cards. You can print 1000 Rack Cards for $130. Here is the money saving difference. Rack cards are about twice as wide as a bookmark and just over two inches taller.

Book Marks from Rack Cards
So I created this template you see on the right.
Download it in either psd, png, pdn, or pdf.

What this template gives you is two tall bookmarks and two short bookmarks. So that is 2,000 bookmarks for the same cost other sites charge for 1000 bookmarks. But you also get 2,000 short bookmarks. If you punched a hole in them and added a string, they are short bookmarks. If you left them as they are, they are pass-along cards.

The only problem you have to solve is cutting them. Stop by your local library and they may have a cutter for free. If not, go to your local print shop and get them cut. They might charge a few bucks to cut them, which should be just fine since you are saving money as it is.

What do you think?