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Fire Light

Fire Light releases today and is available now through Amazon. Fire Light on Amazon.

Fire Light is an Urban Fantasy novel—which means real life with some magic. It is intended to be the first of four books featuring the characters Jake Stevens, Kendra Duncan, and Alexis Kaloyan.

Fire Light is a novelization of a short story that I wrote a few years back. My short story was based on the idea of a guy casting a magic missile in real life.

After writing the short story, I stewed on the idea for a few years. I just couldn’t let the story line go. I realized that the story would progress quite well into a novel. It needed a few more characters and a little more plot, and I thought it would work quite well if I changed it from third person to first person.

I loved writing this story. Most people think most the work is in the writing. I spent as much time or more creating the characters and making them real. There was also a lot of work post-writing. I went through my novel over and over again making it work and flow.

I hope you enjoy reading it.


J. Abram Barneck