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BYU improved to 4-2 by beating Georgia with a balanced attack, slightly favoring the pass.

Taysom Hill had a much better completion ratio, connecting on 19 of 26 passes, including a 45 yard touchdown strike to Hoffman in the first quarter. He also lead the Cougar Offense to a turnover free game.

BYU rushed for three touch downs, one each by Taysom Hill, Jamaal Williams, and Algernon Brown. All together BYU accumulated 433 yards of offense.

BYU’s defense, was as stout as ever. The Cougar D allowed a touchdown early, but after that they almost held Georgia Tech to only two field goals the rest of the game. Unfortunately, the second string BYU defense gave up 75 yards and a touchdown in the final minutes, which will skew the stats, making it look like the Cougar defense wasn’t quite as stout as it was.

Georgia Tech also lost to BYU last year.

BYU is only two games away from being bowl eligible. BYU lost to Utah by a single score and to Virgina by a field goal. Remember BYU changed their offensive coaching staff and offensive scheme, so an early loss due to a struggling offense is understandable. Utah just beat #5 Stanford, so a loss to them suddenly doesn’t look so bad. Texas, a team BYU dominated, just outplayed and beat Oklahoma. So it is very possible that both BYU and Utah are both top 25 teams who have simply stumbled a couple times. Of course, the stumbled themselves are the question mark that future games will answer. Will both teams continue to stumble?

BYU has three solid games coming up. They have an away game next week against undefeated (though possibly untested) Houston (who are also the Cougars). BYU will be the best team Houston has played so far. After that, the Cougars come home to play Boise State before braving what will surely be a cold game against a tough Wisconsin Badgers team (who is now being coached by Utah’s States old coach, Gary Andersen).

Football matters in Utah.