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Fire Light

Well, we pushed really hard and got we lot of amazing help. The latest wave of proof readers for my novel Fire Light returned 112 minor typos.

Really, all that is left to do before the ebook release is to fix minor typos. Not a single plot hole has been reported. Yea!

We discussed that if this round of proofreaders found less than 2 errors per chapter and we fixed them, we’d know that it was the last round and that we’d found enough of them to release. However, so far the number is up above 110 and a few more errors came in just last night. A few more will roll in this week as a few proofreaders are finishing up.

So what does that mean? It means the book needs one more round of proofreaders and that means two more weeks. I feel confident that this round will be the last round of proofreaders.

The feedback (not the reported errors) is far better than I ever expected.