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USC escaped an upset. But would a loss to an excellent Utah State team that won eleven games last year really have been an upset. Probably not. Most USC fans probably have no idea about how good Utah State really is and they probably are blaming their coaches for the USC talent’s poor play instead of giving Utah State credit.

This game was extremely close. Utah had three more total yards, one less first down and captured the only turnover from USC. The Utah State Aggies unfortunately had eleven penalties for 89 yards, a few of which stopped drives and might have been the difference in an otherwise equal game.

Chucky Keaton couldn’t get it done against USC’s defense.

Both teams missed a field goal. The Aggies missed a 37 yarder early in the game. The miss left them scoreless in the first quarter. The trojans missed a more difficult 46 yarder.

Really this game could have gone either way. The PAC12 may look at this and think USC is weak this year, but USC just beat a strong team.

Football matters in Utah.