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So you just got my book sent to your Kindle by me and I’ve asked you to read it as a pre-release reader.

What do I do as a pre-release reader?

Well, you simply read it like you would any other book with one exception: highlight typos as you go.

Obviously this book might have more typos than a published book, which is the whole reason I am letting you read it early.

Am I supposed to be a full-blown editor?

No. I already worked with full-blown editor who already helped me with the book immensely. Most the remaining errors are ones I caused after going through an editor. I’ve introduced new silly errors as I’ve fixed inconsistencies and plot holes in the book called out by the editor.

What type of errors am I looking for?

You don’t need to actively look for errors. You are simply reading. The errors will find you. They are obvious and they will interrupt your reading.

The most common typos are extra words in a sentence or missing words in a sentence. For example, on the first page, I went to change “a few” to “several” and it ended up being “a several”.

Closely spelled words are also a problem. For example, I just fixed an instance of “spit” that was supposed to be “split”.

What do you do when you encounter a typo?

First, highlight it on your kindle. Please highlight the whole phrase/sentence. Having a whole phrase/sentence makes the error easy for me locate using Find in MS Word.

Second, send the the sentence with the error to me. When to send it to me is your choice.  

Note: While you could email each typo to me separately as you encounter them, it is probably best to NOT stop and send every one as you encounter them. That might slow down your reading. I recommend that you break it up. Maybe read chapters 1-10, then open and email to me and type in the highlighted sentences.

Do I need to read the Title Page, and other less fun stuff before and after the book?

While it is not required, I would appreciate it if you checked for typos there too.

What do I do if I am bored with a part?
Simply pause your reading. Add a note exactly where you are (you may have to highlight any word to add a note) and note that you were bored and the page or e-book percentage progress.

Do I have to give your book a 5 star review?

No. While I would love 5 star reviews, I am never going to ask for 5 star reviews. I would however, appreciate an honest review.

What if I don’t like you book and don’t want to keep reading it?

Thank you for trying to read it. Not every book is for everyone. If you don’t like the book you are reviewing, feel free to stop reading any time. Just let me know that you won’t be finishing the proofreading.