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Utah State throttled Weber State with 10 touchdowns. It was the second week in a row the Wildcats gave up 10 touchdowns.

Unfortunately for Utah State, they were beat by Utah a second time as the Utah Utes, who stole a victory from the Aggies with a surprising 3rd quarter onside kick, already put 70 up against the Weber State Wildcats. Nothing is as impressive the second time, right?

Well, if you think about it a little more. The Wildcats would have tried to fix their defense over the past week. So there is a possibility that Chuckie Keaton had to lead his team against a slightly better defense. If that were the case,  earning 10 touchdowns on the Wildcats a second week is possibly more impressive. But this is only speculation.

Either way two Utah football teams have put up 70 this year.

Football matters in Utah.