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Hello all.

I just got back from the Life the Universe & Everything conference.

Just before the conference I hired an editor, Sarah Bylund, to edit my novel. Sarah was referred by Brandon Sanderson’s assistant. I started her out with the first two chapters, loved her editing, and will be using her for the rest of my novel.

While, I fully intend to move forward as indie, I may delay for two reasons: First, I did pitch my novel to an agent named Michelle Witte. She asked for the first fifty pages. I am willing to delay publishing to see what she thinks, but I don’t now how long it will take her to respond. I will send her the first fifty pages after my editor finishes and I improve any issues she finds. Second, David Wolverton suggested I talk to him before moving forward as an indie author.

As for the title and cover . . . well . . . a new-ish book just popped up in Urban Fantasy named Firelight, even though it looks more historical fantasy to me. That means I may have to change my title. My title, Fire Light, is two words, not one, but still may be too similar. While I love it, I am forced to consider another title.

Josh Weekes, a long time artist, has finished a cover concept but it was based on the title Fire Light, so if I change the title, what do I do?

As I wait for Book 1 to get edited, I am writing Book 2, currently chapter 2. I like to half-way explore and half-way outline during my writing process. I am pretty sure I have the title for book 2 already and the title I am thinking of has never been used in any genre as far as I can tell. Phew!