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If you want a great high quality ebook, then I recommend you use Sigil. It is free and open source and works quite well.

Note: I recommend that you wait until your manuscript is done before you move it to Sigil. Use Microsoft Word to write your novel and edit your novel. Only once it is ready, move it to Sigil.

Step 1 – Download and install Sigil

You can get Sigil here: Download Sigil

Step 2 – Download my EPUB Sigil Teplate for Novels

  1. Down the template here: Sample Sigil ePub
  2. Once you download this, extract the zip file.

Step 3 – Copy the template

  1. Open Sigil if not already open.
  2. Click File | Open and locate the template.
  3. Open the EPUB file with Sigil template you just extracted from the zip file.
  4. Click File | Save As.
  5. Name the file appropriately:
    Example: Book Title – Series Title – Book 1.epub

Step 3 – Copy your book over

Method 1 – Import HTML

If you have already saved your book as HTML (see Creating your Ebook: Step 1 – Word to HTML) and cleaned the HTML down to simple tags, then you are ready to import your HTML.

  1. Open Sigil if not already open.
  2. Import your cleaned html.

Method 2 – Type/Copy and Paste

  1. Open Sigil if not already open.
  2. Either type in (I usually type in the Title page) or copy and paste the text from you novel into the appropriate file in your epub.
  3. If anything doesn’t come across with the copy and paste, such as italics, then you need to find them all and add them in.

Have fun.