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Here is an update on the progress of my novel.

I expect all 40 chapters to be ready for beta readers soon, but unless I can speed it up, it will take at least 10 weeks.

I am considering naming my novel Fire Light as we felt that its previous title would make a lot of regular (non-fantasy) readers stay away from it. This novel is intended for a wider audience. However, while there is not a book called “Fire Light” with two words, there are two novels already called Firelight, one word. I am thinking of using the series as the first book, “Trinity of Mind.”

Where am I now? I am editing and preparing for beta readers. I am on the 11th pass (see The novel is 36 chapters and I have gone through 36 chapters on my last pass, the editing pass. I am also doing a more removing passing voice and changing telling to showing while editing too. The reason I say it will take ten weeks is because I am averaging three chapters every two weeks.

After my last editing pass, there are still errors, so my wife reads a chapter out loud to me and we fix any remaining errors as she reads. We just read chapter 28 out loud.