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The giant evil chases,
chases me never slowing
never stopping for a breath,
a breath to live a life

I flee faster for gaining more,
more time in one place,
a place where I can live,
live a moments rest

The giant demon finds,
finds me fast; and fear,
fear for those around,
forces me to flee.

I flee longer in hope,
hope to make more moments,
moments in one place,
One place to live.

But the demon comes,
comes quite quicker,
quicker than I am ready,
ready to leave this place.

I flee farther to escape,
escape forever the demon,
the demon that lives,
lives in my mind

But the demons there,
there where I am,
I am the demon,
the demon that chases.

J. Abram Barneck.

Copyright © 2004 by Rhyous, Inc. All rights reserved.

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