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He walks encased in clinging clothes
A prison he forever loathes
His gloved hand gives life to all
Who mock him with the names they call

He saved the very man last night
Who turned his back just now in fright
At his wrinkled burns that line his skin;
Scars of the fire that come from within.

In his youth his skin would heal quick
And his skin remained smooth and slick
But in his aging body, his hero’s flame
Leave’s him burnt for others to shame.

With fire he was also given
Epidermal glands to protect his skin
In youth the fire was an amazing power
That has turned to pain in this late hour.

With failing glands, the fire burns
And with each flame, for the end he yearns.
For that last heroic effort to save a life
That burns and end to his heroic days.

J. Abram Barneck.

Copyright © 2004 by Rhyous, Inc. All rights reserved.

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