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The moment can’t be stopped when eyes must meet
To choose to smile or lower lids afraid
A look once seen can strengthen or retreat
Son ojos cobardes when eyes’ escape is made.

The feigned affection given without care
Will teach a fool the pain of empty fact
That one is wicked when they give false stare.
Son ojos cobardes when eyes are not exact.

To grant a gaze communicates your thoughts
Reveals emotions felt from deep within.
Its truth and love; or bitter pain that rots.
Son ojos cobardes when eyes look down in sin.

The frightened truth is powerful tonight
For now I know your eyes contain no light.

J. Abram Barneck.
Copyright © 2003 by Rhyous, Inc.  All rights reserved.

14 Dec 2003 17:16:54 -0700