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Auburn Skin

The hidden woods lay dark and green and lost
Where she resides and hides, for she is sought
By many men who would at any cost
Discover all the secrets that she’s got.

She’s never seen but by lost passersby
And then in proofless moments of the mind,
Yet still they claim they have a truthful eye
And swear another day they her will find.

Her auburn skin entrances every look;
Bewitched, they blink and see her ne’er again.
Save on their eyelids when they read the book
That writes a tired mind when dreams begin.

  But she exists! I hold her with my hands
Each night when sprinkled by the magic sands.


J. Abram Barneck.
Copyright © 2004 by Rhyous, Inc.  All rights reserved.
Revised: 04 Jun 2004 01:19:10 -0600.