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The city’s sun is hidden by the looming dark
Foreboding clouds and thunder’s noise; they hark
Unto its unnatural sound, which emanates
Around the city brick and inside the gates.

The children hide in the secret places
Soothed by their mothers’ feigned calm faces
The men, armed with axes, swords, and bows,
Prepare to defend against unknown foes.

A chilling magic escapes to pierce the air
Wounding men’s hearts and stealing their dare.
The warriors recoil unsure of what comes;
With hands that shake as their courage numbs

Lightening flashes, illuminating the land’s
Ten thousand demons with outstretched hands.
Their approach is unhindered and deadly sure,
From their hypnotic fear their seems no cure.

Men’s quivering whispers barely make a sound,
While their gasps and cries echo all around.
Then demons’ voices rise through the night,
Responding like wind from a tormented wight.

The archers launch arrows at the demon shroud,
But arrows fail against the invincible crowd
Knights’ armor weighs down on weakening knees;
And God starts to hear their desperate pleas.

Then on top of the highest of the city towers
Ignites serene light from wizard powers.
It illuminates the city and the outer walls;
To soldiers’ courage, the light beckons and calls.

On dragon wings the wizard did rise
To give sight in darkness to shrunken eyes.
But wizard’s magic, though powerful and great
Could not keep the demons from reaching the gates.

With all his power he brightened the light,
Attacking the demons by attacking the night.
He could do them no harm nor make them fade;
But light made them susceptible to a metal blade.

J. Abram Barneck.

Copyright © 2003 by Rhyous, Inc.  All rights reserved.
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