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In order to understand the new style of sonnet I have created, a background understanding is needed in the most common types of sonnets: the Italian Sonnet and the English sonnet. Click here for information on common sonnet forms.

I created this sonnet form because I wanted to use poetry to help me decide between two ways to view an idea. I wanted to look at both sides and come to a conclusion.

  • 14 Lines
  • Iambic Pentameter
  • 3 Quatrains made up of two couplets.
    It is almost a form of debate. The first couplet presents an idea and the second couplet offers a contrasting idea. The poems theme gets more specific and more focused with each quatrain.
  • 1 couplet (2 lines)
    This is the final decision in the debate. It defines which idea is truth.
  • The Rhyming Scheme = A A B B C C D D E E F F GG

J. Abram Barneck.
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