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Seeing her drives me insane,
because of the self created pain,

She knows that I feel for her,
but no emotion in her does stir.

I see her face when I awake,
and in my dreams when to bed I take.

She makes me smile. She warms my heart.
I hope with her a relationship can start.

When she sees me I am not even there,
When I see her I have to stop and stare.

Her heart to warm how could I manage,
when just to try does my emotions damage,

I wish that on this special day,
her love would turn and blow my way.

Yet I dream alone and from afar,
to only wish upon a star.

Yet wishes lead nowhere without the try,
yet in hoping to try I let time pass by

It could be that I just don’t understand,
the way to get hold of a woman’s hand.

With her that I want, I worry and doubt,
While comfort with friends is all about.

Why can’t I just be her friend?
Cause I want her to be mine in the end.

Friendship is the path I want to skip
but across this channel it’s the only ship.

But I fear to board it, I fear the ride,
I give excuses, and to myself I’ve lied.

Is it courage that I’ve lacked a while,
or is it just fear of certain denial.

My weakness spawns from being unsure,
unsure of myself—I know I want her!

I only wish I could get inside,
to see what wonders she may hide.

For once inside she could see me for me,
and know who I am and want to be.

But for my weakness I must atone,
for she has another and I am alone.

J. Abram Barneck.

Copyright © 2005 by Rhyous, Inc. All rights reserved.
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