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Tell me something.
For I know nothing
I have lived twenty-five years
What I know is little
Just enough to gain life’s fears

Tell me something
When will I be an adult
Am I so at twenty-five
Why is my maturity in tumult
What truths should I believe

Tell me something
How can I know things
What career should I hold
Who is the girl I will marry
can I decide, can I be bold?

Tell me something
What are my goals
What dreams should I strive for
The dreams are mental holes
What am I alive for

Tell me something!
Do not hide true things
Let me know them deeply
I fear my ignorance greatly
Ignorance I perform aptly

Tell me something.
Am I willing to let go.
What am I holding on to?
It’s important that I know
The values I hold aren’t few

Tell me something
what makes me who I am
Is it the little things
wrapped up and complex
like feathers on owl’s wings

Tell me something
Does happiness exist
Is my smile real at all
or just imagined bliss
will my grin make me fall

J. Abram Barneck.

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