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I didn’t get it done tonight
I had so much to do
The work load gave me such a fright
of paper work to go through

I didn’t do a single thing
I didn’t move and inch
I submitted to doing nothing
and sat frozen on the couch

Am I a Judas to my discipline
selling out for the TV
cheap entertainment and sin
pretending life is easy.

Why does doing nothing take
So very long to do
Why can’t I accomplish it
In just a minute or two?

I saw my life on video today
I couldn’t watch to long
It bored me in such a real bad way
I switched to watch a sitcom

Yes, I got it done at last
I never had a doubt
What I do I never seem to complete
Something always feels left out

I never exceed at anything.
Because of submission to nothing!

J. Abram Barneck.

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