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This was an exercise in dialogue way back in 2002-ish when I took a college class from David Wolverton on sci-fi and fantasy creative writing. I found this while looking through some lost short stories.

“Jonathon!” The voice resonated off the lockers in the empty hall.

“So you finally have me alone,” Jonathon answered, not turning around.

“I knew you’d be here late tonight,” came the replace.

Jonathon turned around.

“You should star her late, Tom. Your father’s going to beat you when you get home.”

“I don’t care!” Tom snapped. “He’ll find a reason to hit me anyway,” he added through gritted teeth.

A moment passed. Neither spoke.

“Well?” Jonathon asked breaking the silence.

“Well, what?”

“You’ve been waiting to find me alone for two weeks,” Jonathon answered. “I know what you want from me.”

“Then why don’t ya come over here?”

“You know why.”

“You’re scared, that’s all.”

“Jonathon realized he was shivering. He tensed his muscles. “You don’t know anything.”

“Don’t know anything?” Thom scowled. “Jonathon, I am the only one that knows.”

Jonathon looked at the doors at the end of the hall. He couldn’t outrun Tom.

“Looking to escape?” Tom asked, taking a long step forward.

“Wouldn’t you?” Jonathon replied.

“It’s time for me to get mine.” Tom ignored, taking another step.

“Stop! Stop now!”

Tom took another step.

Jonathon’s chin began to tremble. “Y-y-you don’t know what you’re doing.”

“You gonna cry now?” Tom laughed. “Go ahead. I don’t care. No one can hear you.”

“Don’t do this.” Jonathon cried under his breath. He turned to run.

Tom reached out and grabbed his backpack. “You ain’t going nowhwere.”

“P-please don’t t-touch me.” Jonathon tried to twist away, but fell back.”

“Oh, I am going to touch you,” Tom answered, opening and closing his fist. “I’m going to enjoy this.”

He reached palm forward and hesitated before making contact with the skin on Jonathon’s face. Like an electrical current, power rushed into his hand and spread throughout his entire body.

“Help!” Jonathon screamed. The sound echoed down the empty hall.

The current stopped.

“Help will come,” Tom laughed reveling in ecstasy. His head moved side to side uncontrollably. “You’re my fix. I can’t let you die.”