Fire Light

Fire Light is a young to new adult urban fantasy novel. Readers should expect it to have intense action and fighting scenes, with a balance of sexual tension/romance. The bad guys are bad, the good guys are good but make a wrong choice a few times.

Here is one readers opinion:

“Thanks for keeping it pretty ‘darn’ clean.” — Paul

Books don’t have ratings exactly. I would say this book is PG-13. I thought I would provide a parental guide, like you see for movies on IMDB.

They do not know how to tell the difference between an evil book and a good book that depicts evil. – Orson Scott Card

In my opinion, this a good book that depicts evil.

Warning! These include spoilers.


At no point in this novel or this series should you expect an F-word or someone taking the Lord’s name in vain.

This book is about real world characters and as people swear in the real world, some of the characters in this book swear.

  1. ass – 2 (both variants bad-ass, kick-ass)
  2. bastard – 1 time
  3. damn – 6 times
  4. hell – 11 times as a swear word
  5. jerk – 9 times
  6. shit – 3 times

Drugs and Alcohol

  1. Alexis drinks wine at a meal.


There are no explicit sex scenes. There are scenes describing nakedness but they are not sexual in nature.

  1. The main character was born to a mother who was raped. The word rape or rapist is mentioned several times.
  2. The step dad is mentioned as having been caught peeping on his daughter.
  3. Jake notices Kendra’s legs and later her chest.
  4. Kendra tells Jake over the phone her towel dropped.
  5. Sis and Kendra are described as having practiced kissing on each other.
  6. Luiz suggests that he and Jake help the girls try on swim suits.
  7. A pair of panties fall from a bag and Luiz picks them up.
  8. Kendra allows Jake into a changing room as she tries on a shirt (she is wearing a bikini swimsuit under her clothes)
  9. Kendra wears a bikini swim suit.
  10. Kendra and Jake kiss twice.
  11. Girls ogle Jake’s muscles.
  12. Jake burns the nightwalker’s black robe off and notices he is male.
  13. Jake is naked while and old servant tries to dress him.
  14. Alexis is described as wearing very immodest bustiers and tight leather pants and Jake notices.
  15. Alexis tells Jacob she is not dressed. She is described as wearing a red cape with nothing on underneath, but is covered.
  16. A twenty-something servant walks in on Jake while he is just wearing a towel after showering.
  17. Jake and Alexis kiss and embrace passionately.
  18. Jake remembers going to second base with a past girlfriend.
  19. Jake, Kendra, and Alexis are described as bald and naked during a long fight scene.
  20. Jake and Kendra notice a tattoo well below Alexis’s navel while she is fighting nude.
  21. Jake and Kendra find out that Alexis was sexually abused by her grandfather and others to whom her grandfather had gifted her.
  22. Alexis is not clothed while Jake and Kendra try to revive her.
  23. Alexis comes out of her room nude before wrapping up in a sheet.


This book is intended to have strong action scenes.

  1. Jake starts a fight to protect a kid from being bullied.
  2. Jake is shot in the leg
  3. O’Brien vanquishes a monster that looks like a man.
  4. Caradoc is shot in the chest.
  5. The nightwalker rips a woman’s apart and is described as holding her arm and biting into her triceps and covered in blood.
  6. O’Brien shoots the nightwalker in the chest many time.
  7. The nightwalker smacks O’Brien against a wall.
  8. Jake erases the nightwalker’s body and soul with a magic missile.
  9. Alexis crashes a semi into parks cars.
  10. Jake uses a magic missile to erase the body and soul of two men who shoot at him and his sister.
  11. Jake erases two vampires.
  12. O’Brien shoots a vampire in the head and his ear is described as missing due to the exit wound.
  13. Alexis is described in a memory as drinking the blood of a woman and two of her children in Ecuador.
  14. Alexis drinks Mr. Espinoza’s blood until he dies.
  15. Alexis uses magic to hit a nightwalker with a ball of sunlight before O’Brien cuts off its head.
  16. Luiz blows a vampire’s head off with a shotgun then drops a grenade that explodes.
  17. O’Brien shoots a female vampire in the neck, hitting the vertebrae.
  18. A vampire is burned with sunlight.
  19. More nightwalker’s heads are cut off.
  20. Jake and Kendra blast two druids with magic missiles, killing one.
  21. Jacob uses magic that removes his hair and skin, leaving him bald and flayed.
  22. O’Brien and Luiz both shoot the vampire king.
  23. The vampire king fights and stabs Alexis in the heart.
  24. Jacob and Kendra scoop spilled blood into Alexis’s mouth.
  25. Mr. Espinoza drinks some of Kendra’s, Alexis’s, and Luiz’s blood.
  26. Jacob walks around a bloody, skinless mess.
  27. Mr. Espinoza breaks Jake’s forearm.